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Maine in May can be unpredictable, but we managed to have perfect weather for our weekend on Monhegan Island. Traveling with my aunt and uncle and a few of their friends, we drove north from Portsmouth and took the ferry over from a small town on the coast of Maine. When we arrived at the ferry terminal on Monhegan Island, we could see an old house perched atop a small island just a few hundred feet off the shores of the main island. While on the island, we spotted several groups of avid birders who had come ready with their binoculars and cameras to capture some of the island’s aviary species. We explored the island by foot and discovered a tiny village with a one-room schoolhouse, a baby seal on the beach, and a harbor full of nautical buoys and boats. In the afternoon, we hiked about a mile from our hotel and enjoyed refreshments at a local Monhegan Brewing Company, the first brewery I’d been to that was tucked away in the woods! Our last day was spent having a picnic and wandering amidst the rocky cliffs at the edge of the island, collecting rock and plant specimens and enjoying the ocean breeze.

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