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From city parks to council circles, these are a few of my favorite places.

Art Hill in Forest Park

St. Louis, Missouri

The landscape architecture projects I work on range in scale from parklet to hundreds of acres. What is central to all of them is forward-thinking, multi-faceted approach that makes for flexible spaces that can adapt to a wide variety of human and ecological needs. 

From croquet, rose colored petals in a bouquet, to custom wine labels and tiny keepsakes for guests, I love capturing the micro-scale details and macro-scale impressions of cultural places and events. My collections tell a story that can't be told in photographs and connect people with the places they love.

Bringing people together around art and landscapes elevates my landscape architecture practice. I have collaborated with organizations and institutions to host workshops where I  share my passion for the creative process, These events build excitement among local residents and friends around public space design and creativity.

Workshops provide opportunities to stretch your imagination and share the creative experience with others.

Capture your special moment with a lasting print collection 


Hi, I’m Emily. I am a landscape architect and artist living in the City of Oaks (Raleigh, North Carolina). My landscape architecture work focuses on public spaces & neighborhoods and includes the revitalization of institutional campuses, streetscapes, trail networks, campuses, plazas and parks. I collaborate with universities, public agencies, developers and design teams to transform urban places that maximize the cultural and environmental potential of sites.  Art and architecture inspired my decision to become a landscape architect. My favorite mediums of expression are watercolor, collage and ink. The collections I create capture unique elements of each place I visit and event I attend.


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Interested in collaborating or commissioning a custom collection? Email or use the email form here.



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