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Jamaica Plain, Boston, MA

Situated at the end of the Emerald Necklace in Jamaica Plain, Boston, the Arnold Arboretum is home to around 15,000 living plans and about 4,000 kinds of trees, shrubs and vines. Each year, the Arboretum invites the public to enjoy blooms in all shade of lavender at their Lilac Sunday event. Visitors explore the many varieties of lilac and take in the sweet smells, deep and pastel hues of purple among the different species of lilac trees and shrubs. We gathered on a sunny day with a few friends for one of the first sessions of SketchBoston. As visitors circulated around the collections, we created pieces that we ultimately combined and displayed together in the Hunnewell Building. Other SketchBoston visits to the Arboretum have included excursions to the Larz Anderson Bonsai Collection, Leventritt Garden and Pavillion and the Bussey Brook meadow.

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