Saturday morning lovelies at the Gardner

Polly Thayer Starr Artist Fellowship

Emily shared her expertise in watercolor and led a workshop for visitors at the Gardner Museum. Textured specimens from the museum's greenhouse collection were brought into the art studio for visitors to paint from.


Gallery Shows

Galleries are the perfect place for happy hours. Add in some watercolors and jazz, and you might just find Emily among the mix! Past exhibitions have been held at the Piano Craft Gallery and other venues around Boston. 


The art of plein air painting is still alive! Emily co-founded SketchBoston in 2016, an active group of urban sketchers that meets up quarterly to sketch parks and landscapes.



Gingerscapes, an annual edible landscape competition, sparked creativity in design teams across the BSLA. From peppermint cacti and marshmallow swan boats, and laser-cut gingerbread, these mini landscapes will make your mouth water!


White Space Cambridge

One thing is certain, and that is that Boston will never have a shortage of snow in the winter- it’s just a matter of when exactly it will come. This public engagement event focused on activating the lawn in front of Cambridge City Hall with fluorescent inner tubes – used for sledding, sitting and sipping hot chocolate, and drawing pictures in the snow.  


Workshops & Tours

As Co-Chair of the Emerging Professionals Committee, Emily organized a series of workshops and studio tours that offered BSLA members an opportunity to expand their awareness of local practices and further develop professional skills like business development and presenting in front of a group.