Aysen Region, Chile

Patagonia National Park is located in a biologically critical area in the region of Aysen. It is the newest National Park in the country, but joins a much larger system of national parks through Chile. It is fascinating to look at the range of scales of the park, and the different management strategies that each has rolled out for ongoing sustaining of the parks. Inspired by research done as part of a landscape architecture studio at Harvard, these illustrations look at the scale and biodiversity in these amazing landscapes through a colorful and curated lens. The hierarchical animal diagram illustrates the huemel deer as the keystone species, the well-being of this species is a key indicator of the health of the local ecosystem. FUN FACT: “PUDU PUDU” is very fun to say, but can also be found scurrying around Patagonia, and is also known as the world’s smallest deer!