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Across from the North End
Enjoying a creative afternoon of collage
goat collage_edited.jpg

Just inside the doors next to Haymarket, you’ll find 35 new England artisans and food producers at the Boston Public Market. Established in 2015, the market was created through a collaborative effort to provide residents and visitors with local goods. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a special occasion, something sweet to munch on while you stroll through downtown, or oysters on the half shell to celebrate happy hour, the market has a vibrant and unique selection. One of my favorite vendors is The Popover Lady who bakes a variety of flavors of the air-filled New England pastry! A walk through the vendor aisles, you’ll find the savory smell of fresh bread, juicy counter displays full of fresh cut meat and organic eggs and beautiful botanical arrangements. This collection was inspired by the farm-to-table vibe and delicacies offered by the local vendors. You should be warned that before you enter from you will be overcome with the sweet aroma of apple cider donuts!

chicken and goat 1.jpg
chicken and tea.jpg
goat collage.jpg
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